Frequently Asked Questions & Instruction Calendars

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Q.    Where is the Highway Patrol Driver Exam Station?

A.     Highway Patrol Driver Exam Station, 457 West Main Street, Batavia, Ohio  45130, 513-732-7665, Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  Call for official hours.  To schedule your driving test online go to:  Please remember to take your driving school certificate AND 
the documented 50 hours of driving with a parent on your test day.

Q.  Do I need to pre-register?
A.  Yes. Please call Buckle Up @ 513-231-9600 for class availability. 


Q.  Can I set up my 'in car' sessions prior to completing my classes? 

A.  We require the students to complete at least six of the eight classes and be paid in full before we schedule any in car sessions.  Please remember, you can not take a class and drive on the same day. 


Q.  How do I receive my certificate?

A.  We require at least five days from the students last drive to complete the certificate.  The certificate will be available to be picked up at Buckle Up on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesday only between 5:45pm and 6:15pm.  Please plan accordingly when making an appointment at the BMV.


Q.  How do I make my driving appointment at the BMV?

A. You can either call the exam station in Batavia at 732-8050 or the Sharonville exam station at 563-1420 or you can go to to schedule.  You will need to have your certificate in hand and also your 50 hour driving affidavit signed and notarized to give to exam instructor on test day.