Buckle Up Driving School LLC

Thank you for your interest in our driving school.  Students may complete the State of Ohio required in-car testing sessions through Buckle Up Driving School.

Below is information needed by Parents and Students.  The form below and other registration forms will be emailed to you upon confirmed availability.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Jeff Wetterer, Owner and Lead Instructor

*Please note the form below is for information ONLY and not for registration.  You will be emailed a registration form after confirmed availability.



STUDENT NAME____________________________

HIGH SCHOOL________________________________

HOME ADDRESS______________________________________________

HOME PHONE__________________________

STUDENT CELL_____________________________

PARENT CELL_________________________________

Do not schedule your test date with the BMV until you receive your certificate from Buckle Up.  ALL CERTIFICATES WILL BE MAILED NO EXCEPTIONS.

Online students will complete 3 two hour and forty minute in-car sessions.

Students must provide.

1                     Their original 24-hour certificate from their on-line provider

2                     A copy of their valid temp license prior to scheduling in-car appointments

3                     Full payment must be made prior to scheduling in-car appointments at registration.


Our cost is $600.00.  We accept cash,  checks or money order for full payment at registration.  Made payable to Buckle Up Driving School.  If a check is presented for payment, please be aware the final certificate will be held until the payment is processed, up to 20 days from deposit.   

Students must have temporary license with them at all drives.  Students must have at least 20 hours of driving time with parent prior to scheduling in-car sessions. 

Please provide sunglasses and/or glasses if needed.  No flip flop shoes.  Proper driving shoes required.

Students must be alert during drives.  Students must be physically fit to drive.

Pick up and drop off location will be determined when you call to schedule the in-car session. 

Per contract, there will be a cancellation fee of $75.00 with less than 24-hour notice.

***Certificates will be mailed to the home address on file within five business days after the last driving session providing all paperwork is on file and payment has been processed, no exceptions.   


Please sign, date, and return with completed contract for registration register.


Parent Signature


Parent Email



Revised 3-1-2022.